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EazyTech & ZFFA

Professional interactive displays


Explore the cutting edge of technology with interactive technology to attract and engage your customers. ZFFA, authorized seller of Eazytech can also help you with a complete solution for brand building and creating unique and memorable experiences.

Queue Management


EaZy-Q® provides an advanced IP-based queue system with online booking, self-serve kiosks, real-time analytics, multi-lingual support, intelligent controls, promotional displays, and customizable token designs, available in both wired and wireless configurations for efficient queue management and improved customer satisfaction.

LED Display


 EaZy-Tag provides advanced Stretched LED/LCD Displays for supermarkets, offering customizable centralized digital signage, seamless integration with various software, easy-to-use web-based solutions, wireless functionality, and professional technical support to streamline operations, reduce errors, save time, and enhance customer experience.

Solution Information Kiosk


EaZy-Q® WayFinding Solutions offer interactive navigation aids, customizable kiosk designs with branding options, and integration with building management systems for efficient direction guidance, advertisement display, and emergency response, utilizing open-source technologies and providing centralized content management, real-time monitoring, and multi-language support without annual subscription fees.

ESL Tags-Digital Shelf Solution


 EaZy-Tag revolutionizes supermarket retail with its ESL Tags, providing a cutting-edge digital shelf solution that offers customizable digital signage, seamless software integration, wireless capabilities, and professional technical support, all aimed at reducing errors, optimizing operations, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Digital Signage


EaZy-Q® Digital Signage Solutions leverage cutting-edge hardware and software, incorporating open-source technologies like Android, HTML5, and CSS3 for simple installation and customization, enabling remote management and real-time display of dynamic, targeted messages, interactive content, and RSS feeds to engage audiences and convey important information effectively

Customer Survey/Feedback


EaZy-Q® Customer Feedback System empowers businesses to enhance and measure customer satisfaction through customizable questionnaires, online and offline data collection, real-time analytics, and centralized reporting, enabling proactive response to customer feedback for improved service quality and platform refinement.

Meeting Room Solutions


EaZy-Q Meeting Room Display elevates meeting room bookings with sleek design, simplified user experience, centralized management across multiple locations, real-time reporting, and seamless integration with common calendaring platforms, offering branding options and workplace analytics to enhance company identity and productivity.

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