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Brochures serve as powerful tools to showcase your products, services, or events to potential customers. They are packed with valuable information and high-quality images that captivate and engage your audience. Available in various sizes and shapes, brochures can be tailored to meet your specific needs, making them an indispensable marketing asset for businesses of all sizes.

With brochure printing, you can effectively communicate your message to a wider audience and enhance your brand awareness. Tailor your brochure to your small business's unique identity with our diverse customization options:

Paper Type:  Gloss Text Brochures,

                      Matte Finish Brochure,

                      UV (High Gloss) Brochures, or

                      Enviro Uncoated Brochures

Coating:       No Coating, Matte Finish, High Gloss or 

                       UV Coating

Color:           Full-color CMYK: 1-sided (4/0), or 2-sided                              (4/4)

Fold Types:  bi-fold, tri-fold, or Z-fold, 8-page fold,                                    double parallel fold, Gate fold, Double-Gate                          fold or Four-Panel Accordion Fold

Quantity:     Ranges from 100 to 100,000

Sizes:             8.5"x11"  8.5"x14"  9"x12"

                       11"x17"   17"x22"   11"x25.5"

Finishing:     Cut to size, fold and box. Bundling and                                   scoring are optional.

Branding Kit


Looking for an effective promotional tool? Our customizable flyers are perfect for showcasing your brand to potential customers. Our high-quality printing process produces visually appealing and highly readable full-color folded flyers that convey your message clearly and effectively.


Paper Type: Glossy Text Stock, Enviro Stock or Linen Text                        Stock

Coating:      No Coating, Matte Finish or High Gloss UV                          Coating

Color:          Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0), or 2 sided (4/4)

Quantities:  Ranges from 100 to 100,000

Sizes:            3.5"x8.5"  8.5"x5.5"  4.25"x11"  8.5"x7" 8.5"x7.5"

                      8"x10"    8.5"x11"     8.5"x14"   9"x12".  9"x16"

                      8.5"x17"  11"x17"     11.5"x17.5" 12"x18" 17"x22"


Finishing:     Cut to size and box. Bundling is optional.

Business Cards

Get personalized business cards that reflect your unique brand and style. Our team will help you create a card that aligns with your requirements and embodies your personality. Whether it's for making a great first impression, rewarding loyal customers, or staying in touch with clients, we've got you covered.

Coating:   No coating, Matte Finish, UV,                                       Silk Laminated, Gloss AQ, UV Glossy

Quantity: Ranges from 100 to 10000

Size:          3.5” x 2” (firm size)

Colour:     CMYK 1-sided (4/0), or 2-sided (4/4)

Business Card Design
Hot Cakes and Burger

Menu Cards

At ZFFA Trading Limited, we specialize in high-quality customized menu design and printing services for restaurants.


We'll take care of the details while you focus on your business. With extensive experience in creating various types of restaurant menus, we can help you select the appropriate size and cover to reflect your establishment's ambiance and brand identity.


A well-designed menu can enhance the dining experience and influence customer decisions.

Invitation Stationary

Customize your celebrations with our invitations and announcements. Have your design? Contact us today.

wedding Stationary.jpeg
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